Quarterly RIDE Winter 2020

Special Awards Issue

Message from the CEO

On behalf of the Executive Leadership Team, I want to wish everyone in the LBT family a joyous holiday season!

The year 2020 has been a most “unusual” year, particularly given the ongoing health pandemic, the social unrest, as well as the uncertainties around the recent presidential election. We continue to face multiple challenges that demand each of us to be flexible and agile. I appreciate everyone’s hard work and dedication as we continue to safely transport our customers to their essential jobs.

The past year also allowed me to reflect on some key themes, such as: being resilient, staying healthy, working together and taking personal responsibility. I will highlight a few of these themes:

Being resilient

Many have heard me say that the only constant is change. We have all witnessed incredible changes this past year and these changes have challenged us. Being resilient means having the ability to withstand or recover quickly from difficult situations. The challenges we faced this year have pushed our ability to be resilient and I am proud of the way many LBT employees faced challenges, bounced back and learned. Through all that we witnessed this past year, LBT continued to serve our customers.

Taking personal responsibility

Looking at the key themes of being resilient, staying healthy and working together, they are all linked by each of us taking personal responsibility for what we do here at LBT, at home and throughout the community. For the health and welfare of our family and friends, there are things we can do, such as focusing on our own habits to avoid getting ill, as well as wearing a mask to limit the spread of the coronavirus. To work together and improve LBT means that everyone is taking responsibility for their actions and focusing on our customers.

Reflecting on 2020, I realize that each of us must take personal responsibility for staying healthy and moving LBT forward. As we move into 2021, we all understand that family, friends and relationships have taken on new meaning and I encourage everyone to focus on the important things in your respective lives.

In 2021, you will hear talk about LBT 2.0. This refers to the changes we all need to make to continue moving people and better serving our customers and communities. LBT will not be successful unless we work together, coordinate with each other and communicate constantly. I am committed to promoting greater collaboration and communication in 2021 as we continue to face and overcome future challenges.

Again, thank you for your dedication and being at the forefront of these challenging times. Wishing you and your families a very happy and safe holiday season.

LBT is proud to present the 2020 award recipients for Years of Service, Safety and Perfect Attendance.

These awards highlight the loyalty, dedication and diligence of LBT employees who have invested their skills and expertise to LBT’s mission of connecting communities and moving people…making everyday life better.

Congratulations to all award recipients!

Years of Service

Perfect Attendance

Hello LBTeam

As announced in the last issue of Quarterly RIDE, LBT is excited to offer a new way for employees to keep up to date on important updates and news from LBT! Hello LBTeam is a voluntary internal communication system that uses text messages to share important information on LBT operations with employees, including service changes, COVID-19 procedures and other necessary information.

To sign-up, just text “HELLO” to 855.922.2770 to opt-in, no additional app download needed.

If you have questions regarding Hello LBTeam or need assistance signing up, please contact Amanda Quezada, Marketing and Communications Coordinator, at x8463 or aquezada@lbtransit.com.