Jaime Cervantes

Meet Jaime Cervantes​​

Jaime Cervantes is a Maintenance Training Supervisor who will be celebrating 33 years at LBT this November. In his role as Supervisor, Jaime helps train Mechanics, Utility Workers and Custodians.

At the age of 17, Jaime joined LBT as a Custodian, working his way to Utility Worker, then to Mechanic where he was able to advance from a C-Level Mechanic to an A-Level Mechanic before being promoted to Supervisor in 2011.

Jaime’s experience working multiple positions within the Maintenance department has given him a deep knowledge of the skills and work ethic necessary to succeed in every role. “I love that I get to pass on what I’ve learned over the years. It feels good to train our employees and help equip the next generation of Maintenance workers,” shared Jaime.

One of Jaime’s favorite things about working at LBT is the camaraderie shared among employees, “We are a tight unit here and we look out for one another. Whether that’s being welcomed with enthusiasm after coming back from vacation or sharing the workload so that projects are done on time, there is a strong sense of community here.”

When he’s not working, Jaime enjoys exploring the great outdoors. He loves taking his trailer out on camping trips or enjoying Lake Mohave on his boat with friends and family.

LBT is grateful to have long-time employees like Jaime who help ensure LBT provides reliable service to our customers. If you or someone you know has an interest in joining the LBT team, visit ridelbt.com/careers to see a list of open positions.

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