Ashley Ables

Meet Ashley

Ashley Ables has been a Bus Operator at LBT for two years and is already making a difference out on the road. Prior to joining LBT, Ashley worked in the restaurant industry but felt that she wanted a career change.

Initially she thought driving a bus seemed intimidating, but now she thinks that driving a bus is easier than driving a car. “There is something special about driving a big vehicle around in the streets,” said Ashley.

Ashley’s favorite thing about being a Bus Operator is being the captain behind the wheel. “I have peace of mind while I drive. Because I’m trained to do my job, I know what I have to do. I don’t have anyone standing over me monitoring me throughout my shift. It’s like being a business owner,” she joked.

Ashley’s favorite bus route to drive is the 173 because it’s the longest LBT route and she gets to travel through multiple cities that LBT serves.

Since becoming a Bus Operator, Ashley has learned to be patient. “Everyday is something new, something different. We deal with all types of individuals and experiences that become lessons.”

In her free time, she likes to relax and spend time with her family, friends and fiancé. Ashley also manages two businesses, a clothing boutique and tax business. “That is why I love being a Bus Operator because I still have the flexibility to do other ventures outside of work.”

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