Quarterly RIDE, Spring 2020

Message from the CEO

As we all continue to navigate the uncharted terrain during this COVID-19 pandemic, I want to express my appreciation to all LBT employees for your dedication and service. We are on the front lines making everyday life better.

In these challenging times, many of us know friends or relatives that are not working and some of us may even know people that have contracted the virus.

I would be remiss not to mention that one of our own has tested positive for COVID-19. While this employee did not contract COVID-19 while performing their job duties, I know we all empathize with their family and are sending good thoughts their way for a speedy recovery.

It is during times like these that we must come together and focus on the best ways of providing critical service — LBT is transporting vital workers to their jobs and helping customers get to essential places, such as pharmacies and grocery stores.
Please know that I greatly appreciate all the efforts you have put forth for our agency during this unprecedented time. Your welfare is a priority for the entire Executive Leadership Team and we are doing everything we can to minimize your exposure, while balancing our core mission of proving essential transit service.

Here are a few important reminders to all LBT employees and your families and friends:

Please remember the CDC’s best practices with respect to hand washing and social distancing. We all need to do our part in minimizing the spread of COVID-19:

Remember to keep at least six feet of distance between you and others.

On LBT buses to promote social distancing, customers are being asked to “Skip a Seat, Skip a Row and Stop the Spread” to promote social distancing. Similarly, LBT Fleet Maintenance has installed floor decals with this message on buses and placed plastic chains at the front of the bus to physically create distance between Operators and customers.

All LBT employees are required to wear masks or some form of a face covering while on LBT property and while performing their job to further minimize exposure. LBT has supplies of gloves, masks and disinfecting wipes. Should you have a need for these items, please contact LBT’s Safety Lead Duane Zertuche (x8573 or dzertuch@lbtransit.com).

It is important to wash your hands frequently, particularly after going outside, coming in contact with others or touching different surfaces. And avoid touching your face.

For more information about CDC’s best practices, please visit LBT’s COVID-19 page.

Also, it is important that we do not speculate or pass along rumors about other employees’ health and well-being. If an LBT employee has been confirmed to be exposed to COVID-19, employees will be notified.

To highlight both LBT’s continued efforts to keep
Long Beach moving, take a look at this short video.

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Thank you for your continued cooperation and understanding.


During this unprecedented time, Long Beach Transit continues to refine our messaging and practices to minimize the spread of COVID-19. To keep all LBT employees informed and up to date on our continued efforts, we have created a new webpage at teamlbt.com/safety where employees can find the latest information on COVID-19 service updates as well as examples of marketing materials we share with the public. We will continue to keep this page updated as new information comes in, so make sure to check back in often.

Here’s the latest:
On April 6, LBT introduced “Skip a Seat, Skip a Row and Stop the Spread,” an information campaign aimed to encourage social distancing on LBT buses. LBT’s Fleet Maintenance team also installed yellow chains in the front of the bus to physically create distance between Operators and customers. Customers are encouraged to carry appropriate fare during their travel, however, LBT has temporarily suspended fare collection during this time to promote the health and safety of our Bus Operators.

As of April 10, 2020, all LBT employees are required to wear a face covering when on LBT property or while performing a job in the field. Masks have already been distributed to employees, but if you did not receive a mask or are in need of a new one, please contact LBT’s Safety Lead.

For more materials promoting social distancing, CDC best practices and other customer information, visit teamlbt.com/safety.

Say hello to a new way to connect!

We are excited to launch Hello LBT, our new customer communication system that uses text messages to share service updates and notifications with our customers in real time. All customers need to do is simply text “HELLO” to 833.545.0528 to opt-in, no additional app download needed. We look forward to providing a new and accessible way to communicate quickly and efficiently with our valued customers.

LBT Employee Spotlight:
Meet Jesus Conejo

With over 2,000 LBT bus stops in Long Beach and surrounding areas, clean and maintaining each stop is a big job, that’s where Jesus Conejo comes in. Jesus recently joined the LBT Team as a Stops and Zones Assistant. Not only does he assist in cleaning and maintaining bus stops, he is also responsible for repairs and installations. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Jesus and the rest of the Customer Amenities team have been hard at work, taking extra measures to ensure bus stops are cleaned and disinfected.
If you ask around, co-workers will say Jesus is known for his great sense of humor and for being an honest and diligent team player. What’s Jesus’ favorite part about working at LBT? He’s happy to have the opportunity to do hands-on work out in the field.

Have an experience you’d like to share? Submit your story to be featured in a future LBT Spotlight at teamlbt.com/spotlights.