Microsoft 365

LBT is migrating to SharePoint/Microsoft 365

LBT is in the process of migrating to SharePoint/Microsoft365. Below is an outline of important information regarding this project and an update the migration status.

Benefits of SharePoint/Microsoft365 Migration

  • Allows LBT to improve cross-departmental collaboration on projects.
  • Allows LBT to utilize a cloud-based file system as opposed to our local servers, making it easier to access files remotely.

Current Migration Status

  • Office 365 has now been installed on all agency computers.
  • All users should have activated their Microsoft 365 account by signing in with their desktop login information.

Next Steps

  • Ensure all users are saving their personal files to their OneDrive folder.
  • Your OneDrive folder will take the place of your I-drive folder found on the local server.

On Friday, August 27, IT will do a final migration of all I-drive files to OneDrive. This means that all your current files saved within your I-drive on the local server will be migrated to your OneDrive folder. After Friday, August 27 the I-drive will become read-only and users will no longer be able to save files to their I-drive.

Need help?

If you have questions or need assistance, please email the IT Helpdesk at

There will be more information in the coming weeks with further detailed explanations of how to best use the robust tools that Microsoft 365 offers.

Training materials will be available soon.