Moving You Through

As part of our Fall marketing efforts, LBT is launching a new campaign, ‘LBT Moving You Through’ to inform customers about LBT’s continued commitment to keeping employees and essential workers in our community safe throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

The versatility of the “Moving You Through” line is its strength. It speaks to the literal function of Transit, but the “through” here is loaded with extra meaning. The word is a nod to our ever changing world, and this line communicates that Transit is committed to safely connecting customers to essential functions.

LBT serves a number of communities by transporting essential workers who do their part to keep their communities healthy, fed, and safe. ‘LBT Moving You Through’ means that LBT services are there for our customers whether they are venturing out for essential trips, reacquainting themselves with their community (when the time is right) or simply looking for new experiences, we are here moving people, even as the world around has slowed.

It’s also a unique line for Transit in that it speaks directly to the reader – the essential workers and residents of our service areas – who depends on us. This line is flexible enough to work no matter how the landscape changes, from safety to re-opening and beyond.

Campaign Goal & Requirements

Up to date schedule and route information – Including where/how to access.

Bus Ride Basic’s – How to ride, especially given ever-changing protocols.

LBT safe and clean measures – Steps LBT has taken to keep staff and customers safe.

Connection to the community – Highlighting neighborhood connectivity, news, highlights, and features that showcase routes and destinations digitally.

Benefits of riding – When and where appropriate and not in conflict with essential service.

Trust – You can trust LBT to get you where you need to go safely and on time.

Habit Building – Capitalize on a years worth of new habits built to introduce new customers to considering LBT.

Emphasizing sustainability.

What the campaign looks like: