halloween 2023

Halloween Costume Contest

Scary Costumes

Charlie Koy, Finance – Leatherface 1974

Majed Albokaei, Finance – Joker

Chantrea Van, ODA – Psychotic Bloody Nurse

Marisol Barajas, GR – Creepy Skeleton

Funny Costumes

Victoria Romero, Tony Chacon and Emily Rasmussen, CRC – Barbies and Ken

Jen Flores, Board Secretary – Wednesday Addams

Jimmy Phillips, CRC – Little Caesar

Anthony Reynolds, Finance – Storm Trooper

Terry Coon, Finance – Russell Westbrook the Villain of LA

Original/Creative Costumes

Jenifer Maxwel, Finance – Grandmother Wolf

Doris Pham, Finance – Catwoman

Jillori Grepo, Finance – Harley Quinn

Alfonso Trinidad Jr., TSD – Prince Charming

Catherine Benecke, ODA – Miss Spider from James and the Giant Peach

Joanna Bould, Finance – Riddler

Jasmin Espino, Jocelyn Alvarez and Catherine Benecke, ODA – Tim Burton Characters 

Vivian Garcia, Finance – Poision Ivy



Maritza Luviano, ODA – Ruth Bader Ginsburg 



Fabiola Robles, Jocsan Lara and Jenny Gonzalez, ODA – Witches

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Please submit your vote by 12:00 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 3, 2023.

Halloween Costume Contest 2023