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Brought to LBT employees free of charge!

About the Calm App

Millions of people are experiencing lower stress, less anxiety, improved focus and more restful sleep with Calm. Whether you have 30 seconds or 30 minutes, Calm content is made to suit your schedule and needs. To continue cultivating employee potential and wellness, Long Beach Transit is proud to provide this sleep and meditation app, free of charge to all employees. 

Find your Calm through any of the below features:

How to Create your Calm Account and Activate your FREE Subscription

Follow the below steps for the full account creation and premium subscription redemption process. Please note that you will be asked to enter an email address twice, once for login credentials, and the other for validation.

Step 1 – Please visit the Calm registration page in a mobile or web browser (not the actual Calm app itself) through the button below.


Step 2Avoid duplicate account creation: Click “Yes” if you have ever used Calm before (this includes free trials or previous subscriptions), or click “No” if you have never used Calm before.

Step 3(a) – If you chose “Yes”, enter your Calm login credentials and click the green “Continue” button once it appears.

Step 3(b) – If you chose “No”, enter your first name and create your login credentials using a personal email address and password. Click the green “Continue” button once it appears.

Step 4 – Enter your activation code (employee ID) and click “Submit” once it lights up in green. If you see an error message, double check for typos and blank spaces.

If successful, you should see this screen:

How to Download the Calm App

Download the Calm app below or open the Calm web browser at and enter your log in credentials (personal email address and password you created).


How to Log In Using the Calm App

Step 1 – Click on “Have an Account? Log in” at the bottom of the screen to enter your credentials.

Step 2 – Type in your email and password, then click “Log In” once it appears.

If successful, you should see this screen:

How to Add Dependents to your Account


LBT employees can add up to 5 dependents for free! Follow the below step to add dependents to your Calm membership.

Step 1 – Go to the Calm homepage via a web browser and click “Profile.” Please note, dependents cannot be added through the app.

Step 2 – Select “Manage Subscription.”

Step 3 – Click on “Manage Dependents.”

Step 4 – Click on “Invite Dependents.”

Step 6 -You can add up to 5 dependents by copying your unique link or clicking “Email Link” to open your email application. Dependents will then get an email  invite to activate their accounts. Please note, dependents must be at least 16 years old to receive an invite. 


Contact HR Benefits Coordinator Ingris Lopez at or call 562.489.8461 for any membership questions. 

Need tech support? Visit for the Calm Help Center or to contact Calm’s support team.